Pair Toush appliances with Toush App on your touchscreen devices to monitor and manage your appliances remotely. Easily control your home appliances from anywhere, whether you’re out shopping, at the office, on vacation or just out running errands.
Make your home safer and more energy-efficient with Toush App and Toush Smart Home Appliances.

What is Home Automation

Automate your home by scheduling smart appliances to operate according to your lifestyle.
Through Toush smart appliances’ different sensors such as temperature, air quality, location, vibration and other sensors, they interact with their environment, delivering useful data and practical recommendations to ensure a comfortable environment for you and your loved ones.

What is Scheduling?

Scheduling tells the appliance to perform a certain action repeatedly. Auto scheduling is making artificial intelligence work for you. You set up the initial instructions by keying in the required frequency or manner of the appliance’s action.
Once scheduling is in place, the appliance will perform the task according to the scheduled time and manner automatically until it is given a new schedule.

Toush - Inspired by Pensonic

What Is Toush?

Looking for a smarter way to automate your home appliances? Look no further than Toush Smart Home Appliances!

Developed by Pensonic, Toush is a series of WiFi-enabled IoT devices that can be controlled remotely using the Toush App. With Toush, you can discover a vast world of automation possibilities that make your life more comfortable and convenient.

Equipped with various sensors, including temperature, air quality, location, vibration, and humidity sensors, Toush smart appliances interact with their environment to deliver useful data and practical recommendations. This ensures that you and your loved ones enjoy a comfortable living space at all times.

And that’s not all! Toush appliances are also voice control enabled and compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, making it easier than ever to enjoy an enhanced customer experience and the ultimate in comfort.

How does Toush elevate your lifestyle to the next level of enjoyment?

Looking to elevate your lifestyle and enjoy more quality moments with your family? Toush Smart Home Appliances can help take your living space to the next level!

With Toush, you can say goodbye to mundane chores and micromanaging your life. Our smart IoT devices give you the freedom to monitor and manage your appliances remotely, freeing up time for what really matters.

Toush also allows for flexibility in scheduling a variety of scenarios to enhance your lifestyle. And with energy-saving features, timely service updates, and voice activation that works with Alexa and Google Assistant, Toush makes it easy to simplify and enjoy your life.

Not only that, but Toush appliances comply with all necessary regulatory requirements, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your investment.

So why settle for less when you can have more? Download the Toush App today and discover new ways to enjoy your living space. Let Toush work its magic and take your lifestyle to the next level!


Toush, inspired by Pensonic.

Going smart and make life seamless is part of our vision. With Toush as part of Pensonic’s smart home products. We would like to bring great experiences to our customer.

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