Toush Smart Digital Lock

No more hassle of carrying keys around. Use any smart device as remote control. Choice of password, smart card, fingerprint, remote control or key to create and revoke access instantly. Decide who gets access and when, and receive auto activity updates.

Create unique password for each user, create different access duration and access method for each family member and guest. Other than using a key, there are four other ways of accessing your Smart Door Lock.


  • Material : Aluminum Alloy + Paint + IML Cover
  • CPU : ST_ARM@Cortex-M08 digits micro controller
  • Support 802.11b/g/n WPA/WPA2 safe mode
  • Micro USB Emergency charging port
  • Audio + Alarm (English) and Door Bell function
  • Touch screen key pad
  • C class Key
  • DC motor clutch
  • >30000 hours standby time
  • Fingerprint / Password / NFC card / Key / App / Management Software
  • NFC card 13.56Mhz work rate, 15mm card reading distance (Screen on), 6mm card reading distance (Screen Off)
  • Support 4-10cm door thickness
  • Anti-peeping password
  • Temporarily password with specific valid date
  • Can open about 50 times after low power alarm
  • Password protect, continue 5 time mistype, auto lock for 180s
  • App push notification for Alarm
  • Support visual password with max 20 digits
  • Password length 6-8 digit code
  • 6068 lock body



  • Voltage : 6V (4*1.5V AA batteries)
  • Frequency : 48MHZ
  • Standby Power : <50uA
  • Capacity : 100ID (3 admin and 97 User)