Toush Smart Robot Vacuums

Time to Put Your Feet Up with Toush Smart Robotic Vacuum vacuuming and mopping your floor. Floor will be spick and span, and visitor ready always as your little housekeeper vacuums and mops as scheduled, and returns to charging station for a power boost.


  • 360° detection Laser radar, LDS + SLAM algorithm
  • Working duration up to 210mins
  • Real-time map, area/spot/schedule cleaning
  • Brushless motor with 2200pa strong suction
  • 5200mAh battery capacity
  • Vacuum & sweeping, mopping (with 600ml huge dust tank & 400ml electric water tank)
  • With Wifi, Toush smart APP control
  • Increase press for carpet operation, clean more thoroughly
  • Equip with TOF sensor to identify the glass and black wall
  • Auto recharging, breakpoint continual cleaning
  • Virtual wall, to set a restricted area with mobile app
  • With 38-group sensors in total (for anti-falling, anti-collision and obstacle avoiding, speed sensor etc)
  • Scheduling/ time set-up function
  • OTA service, update the software with mobile app
  • Share the device and control with family member
  • Voice prompt (English)
  • 4-5 hours charging time


  • Voltage : 100-240V
  • Frequency : 50/60HZ
  • Rated Input : 54V, 1.0A
  • Working Voltage : 14.4V


Batteries Working Time:

Vacuum                      : 120mins(MAX), 160mins(STD), 210mins(MIN)

Sweeping and Mopping: 100mins(MAX), 130mins(STD), 170mins(MIN)




  • Charging Station x1, Side Brush x4, Cleaning Brush x1, HEPA filter x2, Mop Cloth x2, Adapter x1